We design, build and ship your next big idea.

Our Promise

Work Sigma is a trusty place where your project are designed by specialists, who have mastered advanced engineering to deliver your product – be it for the web or connected mobile devices.

We've solved the problem of designer-developer disagreements. What is designed will be built and delivered.


Work Sigma sourced designers who are some of the best in the industry. We will make sure that your product is taken care of, right from the discovery to prototype designs, to the final product which are beautifully designed and loved by your customers and users alike.


We're product designers with a keen sense of advanced engineering. This helps us work with some of the best frontend and backend engineers to make sure your projects are of best quality, delivered on time, and are easily manageable by future teams.

Shipping it

Projects are thoroughly quality tested. We will help you ship it, or give you the production-ready code and assets, which you can easily deploy or upload.

We will leave you with the biggest problem of selling it to your customers.


2–4 Weeks

Concept, Visual Design, and Prototype a Web App or Mobile App


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Launch your MVP

8–12 Weeks

Design and build a Web App or a Mobile App


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Build Big, Profit

6+ Months

Design and build a digital service – backend, Web App and Mobile App


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* Prices are indicative. Final price will be based on your project requirements.


Brajeshwar Oinam

Brajeshwar is a seasoned product designer who has been a part of the founding teams of four startups – Mixercast, oCricket, Infinitely Beta, and Levoma.

He was the the Creative Director at Razorfish, Bangalore (India). He has worked as a consultant for teams at Disney, Adobe, STARZ, Obeo, Pearson Publishing, OnMobile, Edition Interactive, Tata Interactive Systems, and IL&FS etc.

Saneef Ansari

Saneef is an information and product designer. He is a partner and advisor at Alaris Prime. Earlier, he ran an agency that helped a number of startups to design their products and services.

Saneef is a graduate of the National Institute of Design (NID), Bangalore. He has previously worked with the renowned design agency iA Zurich.